How to invest in BKI

Welcome to our How to invest Guide . We will make the investment process easier for you.
First of all, to be able to invest in BKI, you must need to verify and have level of verification two(1*) to be able to invest in BKI.
Once you have entered, the first screen you will see will be the dashboard . You will find out three different parts:

  • At the top of the screen you will find out a calculator. There, you can estimate the investment you are interested to. It will appear on USD ($), BTC (Bitcoin) or BKI (our token).
  • In the middle of the screen, it will show you two different wallets. At the left side, the BTC wallet, and at the right side, the BKI one. There, it will represent the amount of BTC or BKI, respectively.
  • Below the wallets, there is two charts. At the left-hand side, a graph will show the BTC value in dollars of the last 10 days, and at right-hand side, the price of BKI in BTC.

  1. First, you have to send BTC to your wallet with the amount you are interested in invest. Press the receive button below your BTC amount to watch your BTC address. Do not forget the minimum investment amount is 0.05 BTC . This process uses to take 10 minutes (the medium time a miner is late to mine a block) it could take a little more, but it not depend on us. Furthermore, miners will take a part of your transaction as a fee for carry it out. Once the transaction is confirmed, the BTC amount will appear on your BTC wallet and you will be able to buy BKI.

  2. Making BKI tokens purchase; you might go to BUY/SELL section and enter the amount (X BTC). On the left side, it will appear the correspondent BKI amount. After that, you may click on BUY BKI.

  3. Within minutes, you will receive the BKI amount equivalent to the quantity you had invested in your BKI wallet. You will be able to see the balance on the dashboard.

  4. You will be able to recognize the value of your investments in the transaction part of the platform. If you click on the BKI button, it will show the BKI transactions and in the same with the BTC one.

We hope to have been helpful with this guide about how to invest in BKI. If you have any doubt or any further questions, you can contact us at any time on the following email address


(1*) You will get the verification, once you have obtained level of verification two. Therefore, you might complete your profile with your data and upload the required documents on the settings section.