Minimum investment amount is 0.05BTC.
The fund charges 30% monthly performance fee and 3% annual management fee, we only make money if you make money. On the other hand, there will not be any withdrawal fee.
All profits are calculated in BTC with a ratio 3:7 (30% fund, 70% investor), which means our aim is to increase your holdings. The profits and/or losses are updated on your account every 24h.
The minimum investment period is 12 months. During this time, you will not be able to redeem tokens.
There is a “Sign in” button at the right top on our website block-invest.io, here you will be able to register as a new investor.
Verification takes upon two business days.
Once the lock up period has been finished, you will be able to request a withdraw. As soon as it has been done, price token will be frozen, and the fund will redeem the BTC during 15 business days. At this time, our specialists will be able to liquidate the fund at the best price.
Once you have decided to invent in Block-invest, you may enter the platform and charge the balance of the BTC wallet. This process could take around 10 minutes, which is the time a miner takes to mine a block. The waiting time will not depend on us, as sometimes could take a little more.
We currently accept deposits in BTC. You will not be able to invest other Altcoins, such as Ether, Dash, Litecoin, etc.
You will have to upload the required documents into your personal account on the BKI platform. If there would be any problem to do it, you have to send an email to support@block-invest.io
If you need more information or you have any question that there is not in our FAQs, you can contact us at info@block-invest.io
There is a variable fee that miners charge for carrying out the transaction. Miners will deduct that commission from your transaction. Keep it in mind!